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Business Model

How we gain yields

Above average yield

Business plan excerpt 2017-04. We would be happy to explain the complete version personally. Request a consultation.

In Swiss francs (thousands). Base: Business plan Bargella Real Estate SA SICAV FIS yield to maturity simulation. XLSX, 12.04.17
* Dividends in 1st & 2nd years
** IRR (Internal Rate of Return): investment rate of interest over 10 years allowing for variable projected dividends.

The benchmark "above average yield" is based on the investment class "fixed-interest rate," referring to special government loans, prime corporate bonds and suchlike. Please note that a business plan is a projection based on specific assumptions, and is not a prognosis or guarantee. This plan illustrates the possibility of above average yields based on realistic assumptions.

Mezzanine credit worthwhile for both parties

The real-estate business investor pays clearly more for a Mezzanine credit than for the bank-financed part. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile for him, once apart from the fact that some investors would have to renounce, otherwise, their intenions. Evidence by a practical example: Commercial Purchase 70 Million