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Bargella Mezzanine Fund

Investing money under difficult circumstances

The Basel II and Basel III regulations demand real estate investors to generate more equity. Furthermore, the Swiss financial market supervision, FINMA limits loan amounts to

prevent overheating the real estate market. For many real estate investors, the excessive equity demands are too high. Thus, projects are impracticable or are delayed.

The solution for property investors …

Bargella Real Estate Mezzanine Fund 1 provides developers with capital, closing the gap between a bank’s demands and the available equity.

Bargella Management has the knowledge needed to properly assess real estate projects, to manage lending and credit control.

… is your investment opportunity

The returns on this funding model allow investors to reap an attractive yield. A classic win-win situation! This mezzanine fund is sold

in Switzerland and is aimed towards qualified private and institutional investors. The offer is open to investors residing outside Switzerland

* The business plan projects investors’ IRR (Internal Return Rate) over a 10-year period to be up to 9.85%. Therefore, pay-outs may be decidedly higher than the indicated target returns of 5%, as this number primarily serves as a base-line to define performance fees. Please note that a business plan reflects a projection based on realistic assumptions, and is not to be taken as a prognosis or guarantee.